If you’re ever in Europe with a cell phone, you’ll probably notice right away that you only pay for outgoing text messages and outgoing calls. And next you’ll notice how much cheaper it is to send a text message than to make a call and talk for a minute. So you decide to just send text messages.

Then how great would it be if you could send text messages for free? Welcome to the future. Check out Free-SMS.dewo alles auf deutsch ist.

Yes, it’s all in German, so let me translate the necessities for you.

Note: This site relies on advertising banners to send your text messages for free, so if you’re using Adblock (Plus), be sure to disable it while visiting the site. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send anything for free. Click Tools > Adblock Plus > Options > and click Enable Adblock Plus to actually disable it and remove the checkmark.

1. Register with the site
Navigate to http://www.free-sms.de. On the lefthand side, click Jetzt neu anmelden!. This is telling you to register.


You will then be redirected to http://www.free-sms.de/pages/register. Here, you’ll have to fill out a few things. Let’s start with the top box. They are asking you for…

Anmelden, First Box

Requested UserName
Requested Password for UserName
Again, Requested Password for UserName
Email Address
Again, Email Address

Moving along to the second box. It then requests…

Anmelden, Second Box

Select Herr if you are a man or Frau if you are a woman (and you have to select one or the other).
First Name
Last Name
Address (Street Name, Number)
Zip Code, City
Cell Phone Number, Beginning with the Country Code
Landline Number, Beginning with the Country Code
Date of Birth, Beginning with the Day

Skipping the third box (because it’s not required), let’s move on to the fourth and final box.

Anmelden, Fourth Box

Check next to AGB´s gelesen und akzeptiert, signifying that you have, indeed, read and agree to their terms and conditions. And then I recommend selecting next to kein Interesse, meaning that you do not want to receive their newsletter.

Then click JETZT ANMELDEN. Halfway there! You’ll then receive an email and a code on your cell phone. You’ll have to enter the code on the site –letting them know you received it.

2. Send a free text message
Now that you’re registered, you’re ready to go. Get back to http://www.free-sms.de. See that same box on the lefthand side?


Fill in your UserName and Password and click Login.

You will then be redirected, and that box will now read du bist online, letting you know that you’re in. Now go down to the box that reads “messaging”.


Select free-sms. Then click Bedingungen gelesen und verstanden, saying that you’ve read their terms and also understand them. Next you’ll come to a textbox.

Messaging Textbox

Select the beginning numbers of the German cell phone number you’d like to send a text message to. Then input the rest of the phone number. And then type your message. When you’re done and satisfied, click zur Vorschau, taking you to a preview of your message.

If you like it, click the advertising banner. If you don’t like it, click Hier kannst Du die SMS noch mal bearbeiten to change some things. After you’ve clicked the advertising banner, a new website will pop up. Go ahead and close it, and back at free-sms, you’ll see that your message was sent.

For free! Ka-ching! (Limit 3 daily, I believe)