I’ve gotten a few questions recently on my life “in the cloud,” one of them being keeping track of bookmarks. This is especially a problem if you’re lucky/foolish enough to have more than one computer (e.g. me). My answer is, and has been for more than a year, a nice service called del.icio.us.

Here’s a disclaimer that should be implied with every post: This is not extra clutter for your life.

del.icio.us is a “social bookmarking site” that allows a user to save his or her bookmarks into del.icio.us easily. The smart folks behind the site have made some slick buttons that you can build into Firefox.

So let’s say I’m browsing a site and want to remember it for later. Rather than bookmark it into my Firefox bookmarks, which just stay on that one computer, I “tag” it to my del.icio.us. All I have to do is press that “tag” button on my toolbar. The social aspect of del.icio.us then indexes my bookmarks with everyone else’s. Checking out what other people have bookmarked makes for a great time-waster/brain-enhancer.

All in all, del.icio.us has a permanent place in our hearts and our workflows.

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