Studying abroad is all well and dandy, aside from the hotel costs especially with the suffering Euro-Dollar exchange rates (triple ouch!). One part cheap students, two parts thrifty customers, my friends and I have nearly mastered the art of cramming 4 up to even 11 people into a hotel room with a single queen bed. And everyone stays reasonably comfortable in the process, too.

While the legality of it is questionable, you’ll definitely be saving cash in the long run. In some countries, we’ve heard that they will hit you with huge fines for breaking fire code if caught. So if danger isn’t your middle name, allocate the correct number of bodies to your hotel room.

Here’s how you do it:

Checking in



    • When you check in, check in by yourself or with one friend. Be friendly and courteous. Don’t stand out too much, you don’t want them to remember your face for too long. Checking in with your entire group in tow will definitely draw attention.


  • Have your friends filter in in twos. This step’s importance diminishes as the size of the hotel increases. As always, better safe than sorry.



  • Drop your stuff off and take off. You are, after all, in a different city. Shouldn’t you be seeing the sights?






    • Move the mattress onto the floor (if the bed has a box spring). A few members of your group will have to bite the bullet and sleep on the box spring. Bribe them with beers.


  • Sleep perpendicular to the longest side. Confusing, yes. Some beds are longer than they are wide. Not everyone will have a place to rest their feet. They will, however, have a cushion under most of their body. Bonus: try using the bed stands and chairs as foot rests.



  • Spoon.



  • Ask for more covers. Getting more covers is not such a strange request. Just make sure you aren’t too conspicuous.



Daily Routines



    • Before your group leaves the room each day, clean up. If the room looks like a bomb test site, you’ll get kicked out before your trip has even begun. Have everyone shove their stuff into the closet/dresser in the room. You want to make the maid’s day as easy as possible.


  • Put the bed back together.



  • Put your used towels out by the pool (if possible). Why would two people need to use 10 towels?



Checking Out



    • Clean the room, reassemble everything. Leave without a trace.


  • File out in twos, maybe even leaving through the back door.