Now I’ve never run into the problem of running to class late for a presentation and then forgetting my files, but maybe you have. Or maybe you’ve had lunch with a friend and then wanted to show them this video you have on your computer, but neither of you had the time to go up to your dorm room before next class.

Or even if you’ve ever craved to hear this one song you have on your computer but were away from your computer at the time, then I’d recommend installing Soonr. It’s free.

Soonr is a desktop application that stores folders from your computer on the Internet, in mobile-ready form. In other words, after you install their application, you choose which folders you’d like to share with yourself. Then simply visit Soonr’s website from your mobile phone (yes, Internet access is required, but this is $6/month for unlimited access if you’re with T-mobile, for example).

And, completely free, you’ve got all your pictures, videos, music, files, documents, presentations all readily available to you (as long as your cell phone can support these things and as long as your computer is turned “on”).

So next time you come to class and truthfully left the paper due that day in your dorm, you can show your professor from your cell phone that you indeed have it on your computer. At least they’ll probably be pretty impressed.