Scott, Chris, and I are having too much fun in London. We’ve heard plenty of great talks and had a year’s worth of serendipity.

The FoWA party last night was a tech-savvy person’s dream. It was party, it was a sausage fest, it was nerdy. We talked to so many great people, both “web-lebrities” and not. We, along with about a thousand people last night, coerced Kevin Rose into taking a picture with us. We feel bad for stopping him in his tracks, we really do. To everyone we talked to last night, we had a blast hearing what the world is doing with the Web and shamelessly plugging ourselves.

Anyway, Chris and I will talk about everything we saw, heard, and used at the conference in the next episode of the podcast. The conference has also solidified some decisions that we’re going to follow through with on the site. That’s all you get for now, so stay tuned!