How often do you use your camera phone to take pictures? Simple. Not enough!

Here’s a quick list of several uses for your camera phone:

  1. Try taking a picture of the take-out menu at your favorite restaurant. Save paper.

  2. And snap a picture of the business hours.

  3. Is it your birthday coming up? Walk around the mall and take pictures of what you want. Then send your list around.

  4. Is your roommate stealing your stuff? Take a picture of your belongings each time you leave your room.

  5. Do you lend DVDs, CDs, or books to your friends? Take a picture of it and label it your friend’s name to remember who has what.

  6. Forget saving business cards. Just snap a picture of them.

  7. Take a picture of your suitcases. If they’re lost, you can show exactly what they look like.

  8. When in a foreign city, take pictures of the intersection next to your hotel. If you’re drunk, show the cab driver the photo, and he’ll know to go.

  9. Hell, take a picture of your hotel room number if you really lack memory skills.

  10. When traveling, take a picture of your hotel’s name and even the important phone numbers. If you’re in a foreign country, it’s not 9-1-1. Take a picture of the number to remember it.

  11. Forget blogging. Take a picture each day when on a trip and send the picture to your friends and family

  12. Or just keep a photo journal in general!

  13. See a psychology experiment? Or a job offering? Or a local show? Snap a picture to remember it.

  14. See a poster for a good movie? Snap a picture, so the next time you’re at Blockbuster, you won’t have to spend time trying to remember what that movie was.

  15. If you’re a blogger, writer, or journalist, take a picture of something the next time you see something you want to write about.

  16. Did you just now get the highest score? Take a picture and taunt your friends.

  17. If you print a lot, you’ll need new ink. Take a picture now of what kind of printer you have (the label). This will make it easier the next time you go for new ink. Just show the clerk the picture.

  18. Be the paparazzi.

  19. Need to remember something important on your todo list? Take a picture to remind yourself and set it as your wallpaper.

  20. Need some motivation? Set whatever gets you going as your wallpaper. Endless possibilities for this one.

  21. Use your camera phone to send a map to someone who’s lost.

  22. Want to send your significant other on a hunt? Send them pictures along the way.

  23. Take a picture of where you parked!!!

  24. If you’re in a car accident, take a picture of the scene and the other driver’s license plate.

  25. Take a picture of your license plate, your car, your driver’s license, or your insurance information –in case it gets lost or stolen.

  26. In the library, take a picture of reference numbers for the books you need. You don’t need a pencil!

  27. Use your camera phone as a mirror.

  28. Use your camera phone in class when you’re too lazy to write down what’s on the board.

  29. Before going to the grocery store, take a picture of what’s on your spice rack. This way, you won’t buy a third bottle of vanilla.

  30. Lose something underneath a car or underneath something else equally dirty? Take a picture of what’s underneath before you get all gross.

Any other uses?