Since Kelly and I are basically sharing the same food, the same house and the same EU-to-USA power adapter, we have also been reading the same articles. You will enjoy them:

The Art of Stealth Studying: How To Earn a 4.0 With Only 1.0 Hours of Work [Cal Newport Blog]: I haven’t studied for a test since elementary school by essentially using what Cal Newport calls “stealth studying.” The article is from about a month ago, but it’s the real deal – use it.

Does E-Mail Distract? Not if You Take Charge [New York Times]: This might be the best article I’ve ever read about how to remain productive while staying on top of e-mails.

Remember: the fewer messages you send, the fewer you are likely to receive…

This article is dense with easy tips like that one and it’s a quick read. It’ll make you think twice about e-mailing in class. Don’t miss it.

Two more from the New York Times, both about studying abroad. They’re from a newer New York Times section called EdLife. It’s mostly articles syndicated from other sections, but keep it on your radar:

The Foreign Legions [New York Times]: Maybe I’m just trying to rationalize my semester abroad right now, but this article certainly makes a case for leaving college comforts behind. If anything, a semester elsewhere is a character-building experience.

Why Study Abroad Costs So Much, What to Do About It [New York Times]: There are ways to pay for studying abroad and this Times article hits a good few of them. In the coming months, look for our two cents on paying for world traveling. Scandals aside, it might be cheaper than you think. I’m actually saving about $3,000 compared to my ordinary tuition, room and board.