So a few nights ago, here in New Haven, CT, my car was broken into. My front passenger window was smashed, my door dented, and (among other things) my new Garmin GPS was stolen. How mean.

I drive an old Jaguar XJ6, and my GPS was actually in the passenger-side glove box. My new Adidas Superstars were sitting on the back seat, so I’m assuming they were worth breaking my window. And once inside my car, why not look around. And then why not leave my door slightly open, so that once I get back to my car, my battery is dead. Geez, guys.

Anyway, I will get my window replaced this Saturday, and eventually I’ll be able to buy back everything that was stolen from me.

For now, I’ve taken the time to research a little bit. What could I have done differently? One thing I’ve found online is called GadgetTrak.

GadgetTrak provides proven theft recovery solutions for a wide range of portable devices including cell phones, PDAs, removable media devices (iPods®, Sony PSPs® digital cameras, flash drives, GPS devices) and Apple computers. GadgetTrak can tell where your stolen gadget is, who stole it and even what they’re wearing.

If you can connect your device via USB to a computer, you can use GadgetTrak. It’s a piece of software that, once your device is connected to a computer, will be triggered to send its whereabouts to your GadgetTrak account. You can then print out this information and present it to your local law enforcement. Then, if they care, you’ll be one step closer to getting your stuff back.

When I first noticed my car was broken into, I tried waving down three cop cars. All looked at me, but none stopped. So while those of us in New Haven are probably out of luck in this sort of predicament, it’s worth a try for others of you.

Any other tips or ideas? Let me and your fellow HackCollege readers know in the comments.