Much to our unwillingness to help such an intellectual brain dead site with some extra publicity, we completely neglected the JuicyCampus blog. For those who missed it, a student posting on JuicyCampus caused some problems three weeks ago at LMU when a student. HackCollege broke the news to the world about the incident (not really). But we did get quite a bit of press and are currently the #2 hit when you search “JuicyCampus” in Google. I just found their blog today while posting more nonsense garbage on their site (explanation in episode 12 of the podcast), our website for all to see. Whoops! There goes my anonymity!

The Dealio

On December 9, the JuicyCampus Blog responded to the shooting threat debacle in the most professional and mature way possible–by vicariously blaming someone else. Cool.

By using another user’s post as a seemingly official response to an overblown yet serious matter, JuicyCampus belittles their users:

Uhhhh duh? Everything you do on the internet is traceable as long as you´re using private computer.

By endorsing such a post on their site, you would think JuicyCampus would change their motto from “Posts are totally, 100% anonymous” to “Posts are mostly, 99% anonymous.” Or would it be too much for JuicyCampus to change its Terms and Conditions from

  • It is not possible for anyone to use this website to find out who you are or where you are located

  • We do not collect any information directly from you. You’ve never given us your name or email address, and we don’t want it.

  • We do not track any information that can be used by us to identify you.

to something more truthful reasonable?

The guys behind JuicyCampus also responded to a later email by joking about reporting the kid to the campus police at LMU. Funny? Of course!

To further their cause, JuicyCampus has also said–with the facetiousness dangerously unmeasurable–that they will only remove libelous posts about people if they receive a court order. Regardless of what standards the site has established for itself, sarcasm and facetiousness do not belong on a company’s blog. Is JuicyCampus being serious? Do they actually condone anonymous libel? I doubt it.

At the end of the day, JuicyCampus comes across as a poorly veiled attempt by some current undergrads to get-rich-quick without sufficient forethought.