I woke up this morning to see a sponsored something-or-other populating my News Feed. And then I realized how cool and topical it was. Whether us Americans like it or not, election season is in full swing even though the election itself is 10 months away. Facebook is promoting a Presidential debate to be held this Saturday (1/5/2008) at 7pm EST. Alright, that’s pretty cool. And then I clicked on the corresponding “US Politics” Application. What I found was a plethora of graphs, charts, and easy ways to participate and voice your opinions for this election.

Through the US Politics app, you can see which of your friends support which candidates. This might not be for everyone; if you’ve got politically rabid friends you may be incessantly accosted.

The extensive application also allows you to take a position on key issues. As frivolous as it may be, it’s interesting to see how Facebook users respond to questions. Expectedly–I’m assuming because Facebook users are young–most answers fall towards the left. “Take a stance” and contribute to the statistics.

Most importantly are the candidates Facebook Pages. Here you can see exactly which positions a specific candidate took on an issue. For example, on Ron Paul’s News Feed it tells me Ron Paul took the position “Yes” to the question “Should the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act Be Changed?”

Cool. Talk about accountability.

We rarely endorse Facebook Applications, but this is one that all US citizens should install. In an oft-accused generation of apathetic voters, the US Politics Facebook App is a great way to lifehack the upcoming election.

Don’t forget to watch the debate on Saturday!