If you only have twelve friends on Facebook, then it would be easier to just write down their info in an address book.

But most people have a lot of Facebook friends (I have more than you), so it’s a burden to keep all those mailbox numbers and birth dates in their respective organizer programs. And, for those with a lot of pictures on Facebook (I have more than you), it’s a burden to get all those pics out for printing, sildeshows and collage-making. Here are your solutions:

FacebookSync (Mac)


This program used to be spectacular, until Facebook raped it to comply with their Terms of Use. So, if you still have a copy from back when it was legit and we posted about it do not update it. It used to actually pull out people’s email addresses from the image on their profile, now it only “may be useful to you to add photos and some limited information,” according to the developer. It sticks all the stuff into Address Book. It’s really sad that Facebook had to assert their domain over such a neat little app. My theory: they’d rather have you send a Facebook message than nab info and send an email. (LinkedIn and Gmail are just a few examples of sites that allow data importing — hypocritically — Facebook lets data in this way, just not out.)


Fonebook (Win)


I can’t completely test it out since I don’t have a Nokia phone, Outlook or Windows, but it seems like Fonebook, the Windows version for sync-ing Facebook info, is also limited by Facebook’s Terms of Use (no email addresses or phone numbers). You can get birthdays, a profile picture and the profile’s web address, which should kick off your Outlook contact database.

(Can you believe I’m posting about a Windows app? I’m trying to discriminate less. There’s a place in my heart for Windows. I loved Chip’s Challenge.)


Facebook Photo Albums


There isn’t a pristine program for managing Facebook photo albums outside of Facebook, but keep your eye on FaceFUSE if you’re really looking for complete functionality. But there’s quite a few that specialize here and there. First, (just for fun) here’s how indistinguishable all the names of the apps are: PhotoBook, iDevicePhotoSync, Facebook Exporter for iPhoto, friend photos, TagSnag and Facebook Album Downloader. All do completely different things, so here’s a breakdown:

PhotoBook (Mac) from Caffeinated Cocoa is a very flashy program for viewing and downloading all of your friends’ albums. It’s got an iPhoto-ish interface with a resizer and spotlight-y search function as well as some great sorting options. Unfortunately, it’s really slow and the only way to export photos is to import them into iPhoto at the same time.

TagSnag is a Java-based app (that means no downloading, installation or platform issues) that grabs the files for all the pictures you appear in. You just login, select a folder, and away it goes. It’s my favorite of the bunch. (To monitor it’s progress, you might want to login to Facebook before you run the program and see how many photos it actually needs to save.)

iDevicePhotoSync (Win) from Nullriver Software will keep up to five different photo albums in sync with your iPhone, iPod Photo, etc., bypassing your hard drive all together.

Facebook’s own Facebook Exporter for iPhoto (Mac) lets you export photos to Facebook right from iPhoto.

friend photos by “doomlaser” is actually a great screensaver that uses your friends’ Facebook albums right off the Internet — no sync needed. Unfortunately, “doomlaser” really wants credit for this, so his byline shows up every time the screensaver starts.

Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a plug-in for Firefox that should seamlessly let you download entire albums — if it worked. It’s really buggy, so I don’t recommend it. But, for some albums it’s as easy as right-clicking on the album link. For others, you have to edit the code.

If you’re just interested in slide show creation, don’t forget our friends at Animoto. It’s easy to import photos from Facebook and you’ll get a full slide show for free by using our promotion. They recently added the ability to completely export videos. Hot.

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