Kick off the new semester with five little shortcuts that’ll turn you into an instant Mac fanboy. Five simple shortcuts, no installation required. Follow along:

Simple Screenshots: There’s a way to take a screenshot of the whole screen, but I don’t care about that one. With Command Shift 4 you can draw a box around something on your screen and crop it just to that. I usually use this in lieu of printing receipts or flight information — stuff like that. Instead, it just hops on to your desktop. This is also good for grabbing pictures or video frames from a site that won’t let you right click.

The Speedy Start-Up: I have several programs that are scheduled to start as soon as I boot up my computer: Quicksilver, SizzlingKeys, Actiontastic, iCal — just to name a few. There are countless others that start without my authorization (Microsoft AU Daemon — it makes me cringe). For a fast start up to check a quick email or the weather, hold down Shift while the OS is loading. It’ll stop all of those programs from running and get you right to a blank desktop. Also handy if you’ll just be using a RAM-intensive program like Final Cut Pro. Things like the Dashboard won’t suck your speed.

Target Drive Mode: Turn your Mac into a firewire hard drive. Forget all that messing around with networking and file sharing ports — this is the easiest way to do a file transfer. Boot your computer while holding down T and it’ll dumb itself down to just a Hard Drive. Plug in a 6-pin Firewire cord and you’re a target disk jockey.

Quick Delete: I didn’t know about this until just a few days ago. You know how you can’t delete a file by simply highlighting it and pressing “Delete”? It’s Command Delete. Wow. And press Enter to rename it.

Move a Background Window: Hold Command while you click and you can move a window without bringing it to the front. This is really handy if you’re copying something from one window to another and you need to reposition it without causing a chaos collage of windows.