This is the second part of a two-part post about using mobile technology on campus. Check out yesterday’s first part here.

It’s the night of your campus’ “battle of the bands” where the students vote on the best band. The last band plays and leaves the stage. Out come the paper ballots of 8.5×11 crudely paper-cuttered into fourths or halves. Or you’ll need to rush back to your dorm room and vote online. I have just received a transmission from the years 1964 and 2002 that kindly requests their voting methods back. What your student organizers need is Mozes.

Mozes doesn’t have anything to Red Seas, prophecies, or animated Disney movies but it’s so awesome the only adjective suitable is “biblical.” It overlaps a little with yesterday’s topic of Twitter. I first saw Mozes in action at an Ignite! Seattle event last summer; their execution was flawless. You’ll see why

Here We Go (Now)

Mozes is an SMS-based system that allows anyone to send texts to an address to communicate some information. The Mozes backend gives the people receiving these messages a great way to organize the hundreds of texts received. What does that mean if you don’t like reading technical manuals in your spare time? With Mozes, your student organization can conduct polls and display their results in real time. Hello, 2008.

Display the results in right away. Avoid voter fraud. Reduce the amount of work for yourself. Save paper. Save trees. Save the world from mass extinction. Use Mozes.

For This Recipe You Will Need

If you’re using Mozes at a live event, here’s what you would need and what you would do:

  • Laptop with WiFi

  • A Projector

Configure your event before the first band starts playing. Once the bands leave the stage, fire up the projector to the event page with large directions, e.g. “Text ‘EMOBAND’ to 40987 to vote for EMOBAND.” Once you close the poll, you have your results.

Get Jiggy With Mozes

Mozes can go much further than just a one-time battle of the bands application. Like I encouraged in yesterday’s part 1, get creative. Don’t forget to let us know how you’ve worked it in the comments.