We like free stuff just as much as any other college student. We’re going to try to do our part to give back to all college communities everywhere, especially those without Internet access. We are offering all HackCollege content for free to reprint in any college newspaper. We’re calling this the HackCollege Newswire. We may not be any Associated Press or Reuters, but we love what we do and we want other people to love us too.

We also dislike institutions just as much as any other college student, so we tried to be honest with ourselves. Here’s our reasoning on why we’re giving our stuff away for free:

  1. HackCollege is not a money-making venture.
  2. Our content is not currently syndicated in print.
  3. It’s 2008, not 1957.

We know what we’re doing is weird, new and untraditional. We won’t change the way people think about media (we’re not that pretentious), but we might sway a few. We know what it’s like to struggle for content and we want you to fill your space with quality, not house ads and irrelevant national news.

If you are on on staff for sort of college media publication, please visit the HackCollege Newswire homepage for more information. As with anything on HackCollege, if you ever have any suggestions, please email us straightaway.