We’ve kind of decided to stop posting random links. This is the most worthy exception there’s ever been. It’s even a worthy reason for me to stop doing all of my very important work right now and share this with you:
SeeqPod Playable Search



This is an extremely powerful search engine that limits its searches to only playable results. That’s: movies, music, presentations, podcasts, interviews, games. It streamlines the results into one flashy player… and streams them. One player.

Here’s what this means, for most people. Go to any computer that has an internet browser and immediately compile a playlist of any music you can possibly imagine. I’m serious. Give it a try. Forget sharing. Forget torrenting.

I’m tempted to delete iTunes. What about my MP3 player? No problem. This thing is iPhone/iTouch optimized.


Here’s the Basics


I’ve seen people struggle to work this thing. No more.

  1. Go to: seeqpod.com. Search for something.
  2. Upon mousing over the results, a “play” button will appear. Click it for the one you trust the most. That song will start playing.
  3. I know this is counter-intuitive, but that’s the only time that “play” button will actually play anything. Search for your next song. Pressing the play button this time will cause it to jump into the queue behind the first song.


Keep doing that until you’re satisfied with the playlist. To skips songs, delete songs, pause songs — use all the natural buttons in the right column.

Spread the word.