And has been met with heavy criticism. Reportedly, JuicyCampus is:

  • picking Yale apart:

    Posters to the site have mentioned specific student names in discussions such as “craziest bitch on the Yale campus” and “most overrated person at Yale.”

  • highly visited and hurtful for Princetonians:

    Sarah Ferguson ’10 has firsthand experience with the negative effects of JuicyCampus. She was named on the site in several defamatory posts and challenged the anonymous poster to “grow a pair” and say something to her face.

  • at UPenn but will fade soon enough:

    Like it or not, students have been ruining their own reputations long before gossip Web sites ever came along. And Web sites like these tend to fade fast. Words like “man-whore” and “slut” can only be read so many times before they start to lose their bite and put you to sleep faster than a Friday morning math recitation.

  • still relatively unheard of at Brown:

    Looking to create a place for students to share their college stories, Ivester and his team initially launched JuicyCampus at seven trial schools across the country in Oct. 2007. Although JuicyCampus has attracted media attention – including critics at Cornell, Yale and Loyola Marymount University – many Brown students have yet to hear of the site.

  • trashing Cornell students pretty hard:

    You have to have thick skin.

It is for good reason that there is no link to the anonymous forum from this post.