Meeting a friend for lunch, and you’ve agreed to meet halfway? finds that midpoint and spits out the names and addresses of the restaurants nearby. Nice.

Step 1. Enter in the addresses.
This works like Google Maps. Enter in an address or a zip code or a city, state for yourself and everyone else (should you be meeting a couple friends).

Step 2. Choose the menu.
Are you looking for American food, Chinese food, Italian food, coffee, a movie theater, or a bowling alley? Enter this in the yellow box.

Step 3. Find what’s between.
And if you’re not satisfied with the midpoint, feel free to zoom in and move the green marker around. Say you want a restaurant closer to the highway. Go ahead and move the green marker to a new location. It will reload with new restaurants.

Kelly and Chris, it looks like we’d meet at the Sonic Drive-In in Chanute, KS.