In the best interest of transparency and not selling out, HackCollege will always divulge as much info about sponsorships. Radar is sponsoring the podcast for the next month. We don’t accept sponsorship offers if we don’t believe in what the company is doing. Radar is effectively sponsoring the next month’s bandwidth costs for the podcast.

Our Favorite Microblog

When Radar first approached us, I thought: Why do I need another microblog to keep tabs on? Then I started using it. (don’t forget the .net!) has often described as “Twitter with pictures and privacy,” and that’s exactly what it is. extends the functionality of your cameraphone by plugging it into a social network. Let’s face it, you’re not going to order prints of your 1.3 megapixel “masterpieces.” You are going to want friends to see them, though. Radar provides a pictureroll for your shots online and on their Java-based phone application. Tight.

They’re Trying to Make Me Go to Rehab

The onset of addiction was short. Once I signed up and found a few friends, Radar quickly became one of the sites I check the most. Think of the rush you get when checking your friends’ Twitter messages. Now multiply that by 1000, because pictures are worth a thousand words a piece, baby.

At first, I was worried. I’m still rocking a three-year-old Verizon LG VX6200 with a VGA cameraphone. Verizon is stingy when it comes to pictures ($.25 a piece!). Little did I know, my text messaging plan (500 out-of-network texts) can also be applied to picture messages. As long as I don’t send more than 500 photos to Radar in a month, I won’t go broke. Because networks like to remain competitive, similar plans exist with other phone companies.

Unless–that is–you’re a lucky bastard and have an unlimited data plan. Radar accepts pictures via email, so people with the iPhone never have to worry about $.25 a picture. I hate you, Chris.

Check It Out for Yourself

You’ll be seeing Radar in action over the next month on the podcast, so you only have a few more days to hold your skepticism close to your heart. When you sign up, friend me up. Here are my credentials:

username: ksutton
ref code: tail623

Radar is a young and developing company so they are always looking for feedback. Either voice your praises/concerns with us or send them along to Radar. They’ll be most appreciative. We’re glad to be supporting Radar!