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Dear HackCollege,

I heard somewhere that there’s a way I can email pictures and songs to my cell phone. Do you guys know anything about that?


Yes, you heard correctly. Although this depends completely on your network and cell phone, in addition to text messages (SMS) you can typically also send and receive short emails and also small multimedia messages (See: MMS [Wikipedia]).

These multimedia messages, however, do have a size limit (generally 100kb or possibly 300kb). This means, the photo or video or song clip has got to be small.

Know your network and your 10-digit phone number:

T-mobile: [email protected]
Verizon: [email protected]
Cingular: [email protected] or [email protected]
AT&T: [email protected]
Alltell: [email protected]

On a different network? See the full list [TechnoTarget].

OR you could just use Teleflip and let them figure out where the message should go. Check out our post “Free iPhone SMS with Teleflip” for more information.