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Your domain name isn’t going to be very useful it’s a dead end in cyberspace. You need to point it somewhere that represents you best. You have a few options.

(This post isn’t going to talk about the technicalities of domain name forwarding or hosting, since you might have used a different service to register your domain name.)

Option 1 – Host Your Digital Business Card

If you have hosting already, the best thing to do is to make a “digital business card.” Keep it simple. Check mine out: It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

If you have hosting, you probably know enough about HTML at least to understand what’s going on here. If you want the “source code” of my page, download it here:

michaelkellysutton.html (Right-click, Save As)

Put that on your site and modify as you see fit. It should be pretty straight-forward.

Option 2 – Forward Your Domain

If you’re not an HTML fiend or don’t already have a hosting plan, you’ll want to forward your domain name to something that professionally represents you best. For most people, we recommend your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is a professional social network. We’ll be talking more about the importance of LinkedIn tomorrow so for now just think of it as Facebook - Drunk Pics Business Contacts = LinkedIn.

Option 3 – Forward to Your Portfolio

This is especially handy if you’re an art major. If you have your portfolio in digital form, forward your shiny new domain name there. Make sure you have your contact info somewhere prominent on the page.

A potential employer’s though process should be as follows:

  • Ooooo, pretty.

  • Where is this young gun’s contact info? I want to offer them a job.

Option 4 – ?

There are probably other uses for your own domain name. Let us know how you use your own domain name for professional uses in the comments!

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