While Google SMS has been around for years now, a similar service from ChaCha has only been around for a few months. And… It’s quite awesome.

If you’re used to Googling for everything, then you already know how ChaCha works. Send any question via text message to CHACHA (242242), and a human (guide) will search the Internet for the answer. In a minute or two, you’ll receive an answer and a link to its source.

A recent question of mine (without the link, as I didn’t save the text message):

me: What’s the last name of Judge Tom on Top Chef? He’s rude.
ChaCha: Tom Colicchio is a judge on Top Chef.

How useful!

The service is completely free if you have unlimited or a set amount of available texting. Otherwise, you’ll just be paying to send a text message and receive a text message (from your carrier).

And they’re also looking for guides. The pay is $.20 for every answer.

Text your questions to: ChaCha (242242)