Disclaimer: Believe it or not, we are not required to do these sponsor write-ups. None of what we’re saying is copied or given to us. We don’t like it when people put words in our mouths. We write these because we love our sponsors and believe in what they are doing.

For those watching, you’ll see we picked up a new sponsor last episode, Empressr. We’re more that happy to have them aboard as a sponsor. We’re going to tell you a little bit about them, and hopefully you’ll check them out. Shout out also to the founder, Bryan Thatcher, who was the guy who famously got me to SXSW this year.

What Empressr Is

I know. I made the pitch many times at SXSW 2008. Empressr is a “rich media slide presentation tool.” As everything these days, it can be likened to a Microsoft product “on steroids” or some facet of YouTube. Empressr can be described as both. With Empressr you can create a slideshow and then present it. It’s also noteworthy that Empressr handles both video and audio well.

There are two parts to Empressr. The slide creator, or “composr,” and and then the YouTube-esque social network of displaying slide presentations. Everything is done completely online. The composr part is a little rough around the edges right now, but still straightforward and functional enough.

Once you’re done with a presentation and you save it, the presentation can appear on the Empressr site. The site itself is a social network for slides. Sounds boring, but there’s some interesting stuff up there. If anything, it let’s you find your presentation easily. If you want to keep a presentation private, you also have that option.

Is Empressr Right for You?

It might be. We think it’s great for students. As of right now Empressr requires an Internet connection to display the slideshows. With the permeation of WiFi these days on campuses, this is not a difficult thing to find.

Any computer that can play a YouTube video can display an Empressr presentation. They both use Flash to display their media.

I personally have started using Empressr for all of my presentations. I don’t have to deal with a thumbdrive or missing media. And now I can put video clips inside my presentations. Oh, and I don’t have to shell out a hundred bucks for PowerPoint.

Empressr into the Future

Because it’s a young product, Empressr is getting better by the day. And they have some awesome stuff coming out in the future.

Empressr is going to have an Adobe AIR application in the coming months. This means you’ll be able to run presentations locally, instead of relying on an Internet connection. The Empressr team recognizes the drawback of needing a Web connection.

Also along with the AIR application will be a PowerPoint importer. Got old presentations in PowerPoint? Bring them into Empressr!

So that’s Empressr. We hope you give it a try!