With Coachella happening this weekend in the desert of southern California, the music festival season (known to some simply as “summer”) is here. Music and college are often closely associated; the same goes for music and weed and also weed and college. There must be a connection there somewhere…

HackCollege covered and did some live blogging last year from Coachella 2007. Check out the past posts:

Summer music festivals are a great way to blow off some steam, spend some hard-earned work-study money and forget about the world. Here are a few tips for the festival-goers.

Choose Your Festival

Coachella is for the most part sold out. There are still other festivals happening around the States throughout the summer. If you are looking for an excuse for that road trip of yours, here it is:

All of the festivals this year have solid lineups appealing to just about everyone.

Do the Usual

There are a few things that

  • Sunscreen. Do it. Skin cancer will never be in style.

  • Bring lots of cash. You’ll be outside and thirsty. You gotta have some way to pay for that bottled water. Keep your eyes out for bottle recycling programs at each venue.

  • Digital camera or Flip Video. For the festival(s) that I might be going to this year, I will be bringing along my Flip because stills are so passé.

  • Friends. Bum drinks off of them!

  • Energy bars. A good energy bar is probably tastier than festival food, better for you, and will keep you going longer. Booyah.

Let us know which music festivals (if any) you are going to in the comments!