You would think that this week would be national JuicyCampus week or something. Last night at LMU, a senior girl hosted a debate and panel about at LMU.

Here is the video of the debate.

One thing that has always been neglected in the JuicyCampus debate at LMU is the slightly potential that JuicyCampus can be used for good. When there was a shooting a little while ago just outside LMU’s pearly white gates, JuicyCampus was the first source to provide accurate information about the incident. The hivemind beat Public Safety; it beat the campus newspaper to the digital scene.

Banning the site wouldn’t work thanks to things like Tor. Boycotting the site would be pointless because of its persistence at other schools. JuicyCampus is on its way out; conventional wisdom tells me people don’t check it nearly as often as they do. And JuicyCampus is finding it tougher by the day to find advertisers.