If you aren’t already convinced, you need to start blogging. Right now. Stop reading this post and visit WordPress.com and sign yourself up. Then we’ll talk. Let’s kick things off with a Common Craft video:

If you haven’t heard our pitch yet, read on.

Every Student Needs to Blog

Blogging is an ugly word. It sounds like “clog.” People associate it with flamers and politicians and Fox News and LiveJournal. Blogs are seen as a place to whine or an extra source of white noise.

Blogging, though, will change your life. In more ways than one. It has for the staff of HackCollege, at least. HackCollege has been going strong for nearly 2 years now. After all this time, there’s still one thing we’re lacking: regret. We chose to start a blog about lifehacking in college.

We’ve changed a little bit over time. If you have a passion, you need to blog about it. (I hate the word “passion.”) Passions usually align with your major, or maybe they don’t. Whatever you know or want to know more about, you need to blog about it. Blogging changes the way you think; you become much more critical of the world around you. And no matter how bad you are at writing, you’ll learn. I’m still working on the writing thing.

Because of the blog and not the podcast, we’ve been approached by multiple larger organizations. It’s awesome. Starting a blog establishes credibility and gives you something to do.

But There are So Many Blogs Out There

There’s an oft-quoted statistic that “a blog is created every 10 seconds” or whatever the fuck. It’s stupid “conventional wisdom” and utterly inconsequential. How many of those blogs created ever publish 5 posts, or even 2 for that matter? Let’s not even talk about spam blogs, i.e. splogs.

And writing on a blog is only 50% of blogging; the other 50% is networking. You can blog in a vacuum, but you won’t make it past 10 posts.

Blog Ideas

While there’s plenty of lifehacking student blogs out there these days, there are a few relevant student blogs that have yet to be invented. Here’s a quick list of blogs that haven’t been done (well) yet:


    • Student Business Blogs. There are a few in existence, but none of them really whet our appetite.


  • Art Blogs. Where are they? We need some creative influence



  • et al. The family should be huge!



Pick an idea and start writing today. Your knowledge should be far enough to get you writing your first post, sans code.

Fellow Student Bloggers

Best of all, you can start off with friends. There’s already a family waiting to accept you with open arms. They include:





























Note: I know I’m missing a ton of folks. Email us if you would like to be included in the list.

Check back tomorrow for our post “Getting Started with WordPress.”