Earlier this week I interview AJ Vaynerchuk about his blog and blogging as a student. He’s currently a student at BU. His blog covers social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook.

A semi-complete transcript is below:

What initially made you interested in blogging?

Building a personal brand. Over the next few years I would like to do something within [the tech] industry. The best way to establish a place where people can find me and understand what I’m about is by starting a personal blog.

When did you start blogging? What topic(s) does your blog cover?

Only over the last month and a half. I started flirting with video blogging and blogging with video blogging my freshman year of college. Winter of ’05.

[It was a New York] Jets video blog.

Do you think students should be concerned if they aren’t making money right away?

Not at all. If you’re a student and you have a blog, immediately when you walk in to job interviews you’re a level up among others. If you can say that you have a blog with an “About Me” page, you can show it. It’s professionally designed. You blog interesting and related content to the industry that you’re trying to work in. I think that gives you a huge leg up.

Who has been the most influential person in your blogging career?

The person that made me blog the best was Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net. He is a phenomenal content creator. He truly gives away great ideas and guides. He gave me the foundation to become a blogger.

From a more inspirational source, I gotta say my brother. He drove me.

Do you have any advice for student bloggers or students becoming interesting in blogging?

Yes. Blog about what you care about. It’s the only way you can succeed.

If you blog about something that you think will be profitable and you can’t stand it and you labor through it, you’ll never succeed. Eventually you will quit. On top of that, once you find the topic you’re interested in, I think consistency is king. You need to blog at least five days a week with quality. It’s the only way you can build a readership and a brand.

Has blogging changed your life? Explain.

Blogging has changed the way I view aspects of the Internet. Rather than reading something for enjoyment level, sometimes I’ll ready something where I’m like, “Hey, that’s quality content that I should blog about. It’s kind of changed my perspective on how I read articles and how I perceive them.”

It’s also changed my life in terms of time managements. Over the last two months I’ve spent at least an hour a day blogging. That hour or two a day used to go somewhere else. So it’s definitely changed my lifestyle minimally.

In terms of my personal brand it’s helped a lot. It’s helped me build my Twitter credibility completely.