For a while, Twitter was asking its users how and why they use the service. For some, like me, Twitter is another social network. This time, over text messaging.

Yes, you can start by following your favorite weblebrities for some possible exposure to your current project, but Twitter is also a wonderful medium for meeting and conversing with everyday people around the world quickly and easily. Everyday people.

In a sentence, Twitter is a group of millions who are “tweeting” and waiting for @replies. Seriously.

But how do you join in on the conversation? Simple. Track it. Send track X to 40404. Each time X is “tweeted”, you’ll know about it.

Some possible uses…

Track Your Project

If you own a website or a blog, track what others are saying about it (e.g., track hackcollege and track hack college).

Track Your Stomping Ground

If you’re looking to meet others in your area, track your city (e.g., track new haven). Many weblebrities will “tweet” when they are recently arriving to X. Why not recommend a good place for pizza? And when you arrive to X, “tweet” about it. Ask the masses where to find the best vegan food.

If you’re looking to see if anyone else at your school is on Twitter, track your school (e.g., track yale). With this, you’ll also be in the know whenever something scandalous is going on (e.g., Aliza Shvarts). Everyone will be “tweeting” about it.

Track Your Interests

Are you looking for a partner for the gym? I’ve already sent track new haven fitness.

Track Yourself!

And, most importantly, be sure to track yourself (e.g., track @r0see and track r0see and track rosario doriott).

With how the @reply is currently set up, you’ll only receive an @reply text message if you’re already following that person. But with tracking, you’re going to be in on conversations from those you’re not already following. So @reply to them, and they’ll @reply back to you. But to receive that @reply text message back, you’re going to need to track yourself.

Note: But like I said before, millions are using Twitter and “tweeting” several times daily. If you find yourself overwhelmed, send untrack X to 40404.

“Tweet” on. ;)