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Publicizing your blog well is a tricky dance between self-promotion and prostitution. You don’t put enough into it, you’ll never reach all of your potential readers. If you put too much into it, you’ll come off as an attention whore.

Today I’ll be going over a few ways to get the word out about your blog.

Be That Guy/Girl That Everyone Likes to Talk to (Online)

Being sociable online is an art. I’m not the best at it. Those that are can get just about anything done for themselves.

Join every social network you can find. Sign up for something like Friendfeed or, something that will allow you to blast out messages about new posts once they go up.

You should at the very least join: Stumble Upon, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Respond to every single email or message you ever receive. This is a note from Gary Vaynerchuk‘s book. It’s working pretty well for him. People are already calling him a Marketing 2.0 messiah. Be diligent and sincere in your responses. You’ll find the biggest perks in the strangest places.

Be That Guy/Girl Everyone Wants to Talk to (Offline)

Real world marketing is valuable, too. It’s probably more valuable actually. It’s something that HackCollege neglected for awhile. “IRL” word of mouth still trumps all other methods of advertising. It’s free, it’s sincere and it keeps people coming back. A random hit on digg will see a huge spike and quick decrease in traffic.

With a blog, you now have a topic of interest to talk about at parties. Blogs aren’t the sexiest things, but as long as you own it you’ll come off in a positive light. None of us on the HackCollege team are exactly fending off suitors, but we see people checking us out from time to time in our yellow hoodies. Put yourself out there and be judged. People that don’t read blogs should be your target audience. They are also the most difficult to reach.