For some reason or another, this semester’s end is lending itself to more reflection than usual. This post is going to talk about where HackCollege has been, where it’s going and what the 3 of us are doing for the summer.

HackCollege at the Start of the Spring Semester

At the start of 2008, we had about 500 feed readers. One of our main metrics we use to measure our success is the number of readers. We believe that feed readers represent the visitors who like the site the most and hence keep coming back for it.

Traffic to the site has been increasing steadily. We get anywhere from 500 to 1000 unique visitors per day.

HackCollege at the End of the Semester

Just last week, we broke 1000 feed readers. This has been one of our big milestones that we’ve wanted to reach for a while. Pour one down for us.

Traffic is staying about the same, with huge spikes after FOWA and SXSW. We owe most of the traffic to Internet famous people agreeing to give us the time of day. Huge thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk, Leah Culver, Chris Brogan, and Justine Ezarik. Thanks to these folks, our servers crashed a few times.

HackCollege is also getting more and more press these days. In this week’s issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education, a writer interviewed Kelly about HackCollege and technology.

The number of unsolicited PR emails is also increasing. More and more people around the world are getting word of our tiny little site.

And of course, we’re taking to the streets with our T-Shirts and hoodies.

Summer Plans

Just because class is out doesn’t mean HackCollege is going away. Expect things to get slower around here for about a month.

Chris took off to Prague and is working on the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. Rosario is working and getting ready for law school. Kelly just moved in to his new place in San Francisco and will be working at Revision3.

Once Chris gets back from Prague, expect things to pick up once again.

What does the Future Hold?

The more and more we write, the more we realized lifehacking on the strict productivity level is a dead end. There are only so many ways to study. There are only so many ways to take notes. As we go on in the future, we will still post stories true to our roots. We are going to start getting funkier with our content. Well, funkier might not be the right word.

We want to be more of a voice for college students everywhere, not just the tech ones. Student loans aren’t only a problem for computer science majors. It might be pretentious of us to assume that we could change higher education, but–hey–we’ve always been pretentious.

Welcome to summer for those on the semester system. Let us know what you think in some comments!