Whew, it’s been a little while. Everything is going great up in San Francisco at Revision3. Aside from Media Defender techno-attacking Revision3, things have been expectedly hectically smooth.

I sent out a tweet earlier this week asking for topic suggestions. Alan Bradford of ASU’s Geek Stew blog wanted to hear about the top 3 tech tools I will be bringing with me back to school in the fall. Provided I don’t find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, here it is…

Google Calendar

Some way or another, I managed to become a tech leader for a handful of organizations on campus this next year. One of the biggest problems among the different groups is the lack of a centralized calendar.

Google Calendar is not only great for personal use, but also great for a the tree-structure of student government. At LMU, the student body organization (ASLMU) has no domain over other clubs per se, but is constantly looked to for web/organizational purposes. Google Calendar is a great, free device for organizing a large group of people.

The structure I have planned for the ASLMU calendar is to have one, central calendar that subscribes to all clubs’ calendars.

One thing that non-regular users loves are email reminders of events. Our service organization, Crimson Circle, loves ‘em.


I am a broken record that can only talk 140 characters at a time: I love Twitter. Hopefully by the time summer’s end, Twitter will have figured out its scaling issues. Twitter grows on me more and more every day.

But this fall will be huge for Twitter, if they don’t implode. At the time of writing, a few of what I consider “normal people” have signed up for and started using Twitter. Us nerds are refining our Twitter pitches and unlimited data plans make people more open to the idea. Students like AJ Vaynerchuk are helping make Twitter popular among students.

While using Twitter in San Francisco just about eliminates the need for a “party” tag on a Google Calendar, I realize it is definitely not the case for any other city. But college campuses are dense and students need something like Twitter. I don’t care what people are eating, but I do care which house parties are–as they say–off da hook.

I can’t think of a third piece of tech that is undeniably useful. Sure the iPhone is nice, but I don’t have one. The low-fi technology in Twitter and Google Calendar is good enough for my mobile needs. Who knows, maybe WordPress? Student blogging is a growing movement.

What are the 3 things you’re most excited to see or use going back to school in the fall?