Summer is officially here for all students not in year-round institutions. My buddies at Santa Clara and University of Washington finished up their finals last week. Any self-respecting person probably is not resting for long, because those internships or jobs. This post is for those of us who have scored internships and are maybe getting a little run down. Here’s how to stay at the top of your game and be remembered long after you’ve left. After all, not many people want to stay in academia for the rest of their life…

Do Everything

As an intern, you should never have dull time. Ever.

If you find yourself watching an inordinate number of YouTube videos (perhaps a college podcast that we all know and love), you’re doing something wrong. Maybe your boss(es) is too, but you’re the only one who can solve the problem.

Start reporting to people who are not your superior, but people who are peers with your superior. Get your hands involved in as much as possible.

I try to practice what I preach. Here’s an example: My job title at Revision3 is “modern culture intern.” That means I get to work on awesome shows like popSiren and Scam School. When I’m not busting balls on those shows, I’m writing software to help the company, brainstorming new shows, helping other people edit, contributing to the intern blog and appearing on other shows, like Internet Superstar. I am so self-righteous.

Work 60 Hour Weeks, Log 40

This is especially true if you’re at a startup. As long as you’re eating, paying rent and putting some away for repaying student loans, don’t get greedy with the overtime you’ll be working.

Get to Know Your Fellow Interns

After all, they could become your coworkers after you graduate.

Start coordinating and brainstorming specifically with them, if the situation allows it. You might come up with some crazy ideas that only other interns will want to try.

Don’t Get Burned Out

You’ll be stretching yourself thin if you’re working your internship properly. As always with stretching yourself thin, you run the risk of meltdown. Even if you’re working at the best internship in the world (Revision3), meltdowns still can occur.

I approached a meltdown earlier this week, but fended it off by doing something “normal”: I sat down and saw The Incredible Hulk. Lame–I know–but it helped me get my mind off of things. Get outside every once in a while and do something dumb.

How do you make the most out of your summer internship? Let us know in some comments!