There are a couple tutorials floating around the internet for how to download or “rip” music from your favorite MySpace artist before buying a concert ticket this summer, but they all require you to either sift through the source or install a program. Ick.

The following is not a tutorial.

One step: visit

  1. Paste the address (e.g.,

  2. Check the box and select Audio.

  3. Click Get Files.

You’ll be presented with Streaming Version (Low Quality) and Original Version (High Quality). Go for the high quality first. Right click and Save Link As (Firefox). If it plays, there you go. If not (if the size is, say, 23kb), go for the low quality.

You’ll notice the file downloads as “artist name – song title”.mp3 (no more ugly strings of sixty characters!!). And may even include an ID3 tag.