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HackCollege reader Wayne asks:

I just recieved my phone and accidently erased all my wall paper and ringtone’s,I do not mind paying for them but after 4 hours playing games with the jerks on the other end of the phone and nothing they told me to do worked ,so I gave up and decided to try something else. If you have any ideas on how i can get a few pictures for wall papre and a few ringtones i will be greatful thank you for your time wayne [sic].

We’ve already covered how to create and send your own .mp3 ringtones for free using, but we haven’t touched on good sites for free wallpaper. Or even free themes or games, for that matter…

Check out

After selecting your phone model and filtering the millions of games, wallpaper, themes, and ringtones, you have the choice to download to your PC or to save as a favorite and access it via mobile internet/WAP. If you have an unlimited data plan, the latter is a great option.

Registration is required at Zedge, but everything is free or ad-supported (i.e., every 4-5 game plays, the game will download an ad via mobile internet/WAP).

Any other great sites out there? Leave a comment.