As of today, Facebook has made its newest theme-change official. This is the most aggressive theme change yet, with a complete reorganization and a yet-again minimalist-ization (that is definitely not a word) to the profile pages.

To check it out for yourself, just visit

As with all Facebook updates, there’s going to be a lot of backlash. Facebook has learned from their previous roll-outs and are now giving people the option to “opt-in” to the new layout. Kudos to them.

2008 Facebook Prius

Everything that you know and perhaps love about Facebook is still there. Everything’s just in a different place. While the number of columns has stayed the same (3), the width of each column has increased.

Everything that used to be in the main column has been compressed into tabs. That personal info top spot has been replaced by a Mini-Feed/Wall hybrid. Everything that gets written on your wall or every action you perform now shows up on your Wall.

My jury is still out on this concept; I can’t decide if they just charlie-foxtrotted two features together or if the combination makes sense to me.

What’s the Same

The core functionality of Facebook is the same. Applications are still there. Info is still there. Everything is still there, it’s just gotten a face lift (pun). Think Michael Jackson (joke).

Dominant Ad Placement

There have been some grumblings from advertisers recently that Facebook ads are continually under-performing, even though Facebook ads are probably the most targeted things possible.

In film, the dominant side of frame is considered the right side of frame. Because the Western World reads left-to-right, your eyes “stop” at the right. A good example of this is any late night talk show. Hosts always sit on the right.

Thus, the ad position has moved from being a forgotten space in the bottom-left-hand corner of the screen to an in-your-face top-right dominatrix. Maybe this will appease advertisers’ woes?

Twitter, Anyone?

This update stresses the single-feed mentality that is the rage these days. Like Twitter or Pownce, all action is being consolidated into one stream of information. This stream of information may be a fire hose but–hey!–it’s all in one place. Maybe this will make people think twice about becoming “friends” with someone on Facebook.


Any application that lets you put something your page can now be seen in the new “Boxes” tab on each profile. Facebook is forcing users to keep their profiles clean of 3rd party applications. While it’s draconian, I like it. It means I won’t have to scroll past 13 different variations of a SuperWall application to just leave someone a note.


After the initial cross-eyedness and “This is bullshit” reaction, the Facelift is growing on me.

How do you feel about the new Facebook changes? Let us know in some comments.