Many of you are probably familiar with mass text messaging. Either create a list or add several recipients to the same text message and click send. Bam. Everyone’s invited to the party.

But what if your service charges you a nickel (or $.15 in some cases, so I’ve read) per recipient? You could email everyone’s cell phone with Teleflip or…

You could record a message and have PhoneVite prank, ahem, call everyone for you. For free. And without registration.

  1. Enter in up to 25 phone numbers at a time (US and Canada).

  2. Enter in your number.

  3. PhoneVite calls you.

If I remember correctly, you then have to hit *, 2, and then finally # to accept your recording. A few too many buttons, but, eh.

PhoneVite calls each recipient and immediately plays your message. They don’t start with anything creepy like “You have a PhoneVite message! Press 2 to accept!”. They simply play your message right away, so the recipient has to hear it no matter what.

What if voicemail picks up? Well, according to PhoneVite:

“Our system has an algorithm that detects if an answering machine or voicemail picks up. In such cases, our server will leave the message, in its entirety, on the answering machine or voice mail system.”

Fascinating. ;)