While Chris and I were at a party this weekend in San Diego running around getting some shotgun footage for episode 35, pitching HackCollege to normal party-goers got them talking about two things: online identity and blogging for their summer jobs. It was interesting to hear what fellow interns are doing for the warm months of the year.

A few gals started talking about their summer jobs. Many of them had jobs for low-profile magazines, such as 944. It seemed that they were set loose and just told “go blog about stuff.” Summer internships have their lulls–which are often filled with 3-hour YouTube binges–so why not blog about them?

Hate to say it, but even hip magazines are gutting it when it comes to blogging. Just because you publish it doesn’t mean that it will get read. None of the girls mentioned anything about the technical requirements of blogging (SEO and such) or creating a two-lane highway of dialogue. Instead, they are told to blog about whatever and forget about the content afterwords.

Have You Heard of This Thing Called Blogging?

Blogging is regarded as an experimental, mysterious form of technology. But those who know how it works are going to get ahead in their summer job. If your employer has you endlessly crapping blog posts into outer space, try suggesting that they change their ways. Mention search engine optimization (SEO). Tell them about the importance of leaving comments on other blogs. Tell them that it’s important for each author to have their own page and RSS feed. Then ask for a bonus.

So what do you think? Does your summer employer have you regurgitating their print information online in blog form? Or do they have you doing something else? And is blogging important enough to pay someone nothing minimum wage for?