This article assumes you’re already using Google Calendar to the fullest.

So now you have more than one Google Calendar, e.g., your schedule for school, your schedule for work, and your schedule for private occasions with your significant other. Everything is color-coded, and you can access them all easily via

But what about sharing it with an employer, letting them know exactly when you’re available/busy? Or with your significant other, letting them know beforehand why you’re not answering the phone?

Sure, Google gives you the ability to share each of your calendars separately with whomever via their email address, but, again, that’s confusing and redundant if you have several calendars. So, let’s consolidate.

A sneak peak at the final product:

Step One: Login to and publicize.

Click Settings in the upper righthand corner and then Calendars. Underneath Sharing, click the first link to Share this calendar. Check to Make this calendar public and then decide whether to show the details or not. And Save.

You will have to make each calendar public (detailed or not).

Step Two: Create the HTML code for an iframe.

Access the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper through Settings, Calendars, a calendar, and then clicking the customize link next to Embed This Calendar).

Mess with all the options on the left and click Update HTML when you’re satisfied.

Step Three: Get the URL and strip it of amp;.

Now you’ve got an HTML code similar to:

<iframe src=”allyourcalendarsandsettings” border-width:0 ” width=”800″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>

Take away everything but allyourcalendarsandsettings. This is the url we need. And within this url, strip it of every instance of amp; (but keeping each &).

My finished product came out like this:
[email protected]&color=#2952A3&src=ni1mqvb
[email protected]&color=%2
3B1365F&[email protected]

Step Four: Go to to shorten.

And there you have it. Ready to post as your website in your Facebook profile.