Say hello to the newest HackCollege writer. Her name’s Kahley Emerson and she’s currently a sophomore at ASU. Give her a warm welcome. ~Kelly

While the meal-plan cafeterias and 2 am pizza runs are part of what the college diet is all about, sometimes all I want is a piping hot piece of my mom’s homemade chicken potpies.

For obvious reasons, dorm life usually doesn’t feature a complete culinary playground; most halls don’t even allow hotplates. One option, for those like myself in search of a home-cooked meal, is to use the floor’s communal kitchen, but proves problematic as soon as any aromas leak out to tempt the stoners next door.

The other alternative is to make the best of the top half of my ingenious microwave/mini-fridge combo tower.

Sure, I still have not found a way to duplicate my mother’s scrumptious pie in the zapper, but I have found these five meal options that are both tasty and can be concocted using just the magical heating ability of microwaves.

1. Mary’s Microwave Almond Fudge:

While most of the ingredients require a trip off campus, these little chocolate confections do a good job of slaking my chocolate cravings.

2. Easy Microwave Chilaquiles:

Ready in about 20 min, this Mexican-inspired layered dish is a perfect companion to an icy Corona 6-pack among friends… or a study session…

3. Spaghetti in the Microwave:

It takes a little more than half-an-hour and can be customized to anyone’s liking. I swear it’s not as sketchy as it sounds.

4. Microwave Scrambled Eggs:

I know these sound a little peculiar at first, but hey, isn’t college is all about experimentation?

5. Microwaved Potato:

The Irish in me refuses to leave behind potatoes for college, and the sloth in me loves how easy it is to wave myself a hot spud.

And you thought the microwave was just for cup o’noodles…

What are some of your favorite dorm-made food items? Let us know in some comments!