Chris Lesinski and I attend Loyola Marymount University (LMU) located in LA . It’s located in the quiet neighborhood of Westchester. Westchester residents, however, are quite vocal when it comes to off-campus parties. KNBC4 picked up on the story and attributes the problem to new-fangled “micro-blogging” technology.

Neighbors Upset About LMU Weekend Parties
I couldn’t help but laugh this morning when I saw the video. LMU is pretty slim when it comes to parties. The Westchester residents are the type who think that their land is worth much more than it is. Twitter has nothing to do with the party scene. But according to the prestigious local news channel, technology is the culprit of out-of-control parties–which are rarely out-of-control.

On the plus side, one of Chris’s article in the Loyolan go some screen time. Look for it towards the end.

The video is typical of local news stations poorly attempting to make a big deal out of a small problem. LMU has been in the neighborhood decades longer than any residents have been. Of course there are going to be house parties. Those house parties will be scattered all over the neighborhood if fraternities aren’t all allocated to one space, like a Greek Row. It sounds like Weschester residents are having a bit of buyer’s remorse.

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How is the party scene around your school? Does law enforcement regularly break up parties or do they just let them go? Leave us a comment!