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In my own senior year, I’m sad to see the bank account is not as high as I would like it to be. To help offset my declining balance I have picked up two part-time jobs on campus. One is working tickets at home football games. The other is grading papers for a professor. These jobs are not that hard and not all that time consuming. Believe me I’m taking 14 credit hours and taking a Kaplan LSAT Prep class, totaling to 24.5 hours of class time a week. I’m interested in knowing what other students with full schedules do to keep afloat.

Unfortunately, money is something that a student always needs. If your parents aren’t helping you out, then you have to make ends meet on your own. But people go to school to get an education, not work minimum-wage jobs.

Scale Back

If you’re unhappy about your workload, you’ll have to scale back on something. Preferably that’s going to be your jobs. But jobs equals spending money. Either re-examine your spending habits or–even worse–take out another loan.

Be on the lookout for easy work-study jobs. It sounds like both of your jobs require constant attention. Work a front desk in a quiet building and you’ll be making money while doing homework. Double bonus.

Or, scale back on classes. Even if there’s an elective you’re taking that’s not required, drop it. Even if the class isn’t taking up that much of your time, it’s still taking up time on your mind.

Organize Relentlessly

This has also been my most intense semester yet. I’ve been using Remember the Milk (RTM)to keep myself afloat.

Although it adds some overhead to each task that I do, everything I do is funneled through my RTM. With hectic life on campus, chances are stuff comes up spontaneously. With good organization, you’re able to drop a task and not worry about forgetting it.

How do you deal with there not being enough hours in the day? Leave your tips in the comments!