Google introduced video chat to its GChat client this week.Earlier this week, Google added voice and video capabilities to its online version of GTalk. Why is this great? Many of us take our laptops to class. And many of the newest laptops come pre-equipped with voice and video hardware. No need to buy separate and plug-in to a USB port. And many campuses and classrooms are wired for wireless Internet access. So… Let’s say a friend is sick or skipping that 9am or 10am or whenever class.

  1. Install Video Chat (if you both haven’t already).
  2. Restart if needed.
  3. Login to GMail.
  4. And initiate a Voice/Video Chat, so your friend doesn’t actually have to miss the lecture. They can listen in (and also watch your reactions to the material).

Try not to distract eachother. But you’re good to go. Feel free to check your school’s handbook about recording a class, but this may not even count as “recording” anyway. Also, I believe this is only available for PC users. Those of you on Mac and Linux: Let us know in the comments which software/website accomplishes the same on those systems.