This week we want to highlight Kacy’s comment on Twitter use in college. He or she wrote:

I’m a student at UNC, so I can’t predict how other universities will trend. I can say, however, that Twitter will never grow popular here. I have several hundred Facebook friends, most of which post to their status more than once a day. Facebook will remain dominant here for a *long* time. I have a twitter account, but only have about 10 IRL friends as Twitter followers. Most of my followers are internet friends. Hope my feedback helps!

I am finding the same things in my daily use of Twitter and Facebook. I’ve got my Twitter account plugged into my Facebook, and more people will respond to a status message in Facebook than on Twitter. Also, the conversation threading is quite nice. We chose Kacy this morning because his or her inklings mirror our own.

Also, big thanks to some fellow students at Boston University for creating this video response to our College 101. Check it out!