As of this second, is now officially live! launches with the goal to better target our sizeable UK audience.

After attending the Future of Web Apps in London last October and talking to the several HackCollege fans I ran into, my naive self quickly learned that college life in the UK and in Europe is much different than in the United States. I had several conversations with fellow British students and with Sam Hockham and Robert Wolf in particular.

These two guys are great. They are both second-year CS majors at the Cardiff University. After sitting down for coffee in the ExCel centre for about 2 hours, we decided that makes sense.

English students generally don’t have to worry about student loans and university costs. The drinking age is 18 in most places in Europe; bars don’t need any hacking. These are two of the many differences between American and British university life.

Thus, we’re launching We think it makes sense. Check it out and let us know what you think!