Photo from the (very cute) flickr user SOCIALisBETTERHave you ever thought, Hey, I could design a better T-shirt than that? Have you also thought, I would die for HackCollege? Well, we might have a little something to keep you busy over the holidays.

We’ve sold out of our initial investment of 50 T-shirts and it’s time to buy more. Chris, I and everyone else aren’t artists by any means. Why not let someone else exercise some creative might? Whether your idea is a artistic masterpiece or the wittiest phrase you’ve ever thought, go ahead and submit it.

What do you stand to win? Obviously you’ll get one of the new T-shirts and the fame associated with having hundreds of others also wearing your shirt. But we’re also throwing in a HackCollege hoodie. These things are expensive to make, but you deserve it.

Start submitting your design ideas today over at the HackCollege T-Shirt Contest Page.

Contest ends January 7, 2009, so get sketching!