Chilling in the NBC Universal Blogger LoungeI’m sitting here inside the NBCU Blogger Lounge at CES and I gotta say, NBC is really doing something amazing here. They’ve taken one part showing off and two parts new media and combined it into something remarkable.

NBC Universal is giving us space on one of their stages along with the likes of the MSNBC mainstays to do a live show here in 45 minutes. (Tune in at at 1 pm PST!) Needless to say, we feel a lot bigger than we actually are. But the fact that NBC as set aside a significant part of their floor space for new media makes me, personally, think of the company in a completely different light. NBC Universal is actually acknowledging the presence of new media independent producers and working with them. This is definitely a first.

So for those of you guys looking for jobs in new media come this summer, send a letter to NBC Universal!