Drink water between drinks.

Although you may want to keep pounding back beers, a glass of water between each drink will prolong your night and spare you great misery in the morning. 

Avoid caffeinated beverages. 

Caffeine dehydrates your body. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Mix the two together and you get… very dehydrated.  If you manage to avoid a heart attack after consuming a Jägerbomb or two, don’t be surprised when you wake up with throbbing headache. I suggest you avoid these drinks at all costs.

Drink Gatorade.

Gatorade, the drink of gods. Not only does it taste great, it also restores your body’s fluids and electrolytes. When you get home from that epic beer pong tournament, slam back 500mL of delicious Cool Blue. Have several other bottles on hand for the next morning. If you’re a true-life hacker you will use Gatorade as chase or mixer.

Eat McDonalds.

Hangover McDonalds is the best kind of McDonalds (a close second is drunk McDonalds, but if you’re reading this you probably already know that). Do your absolute best to wake up before they stop serving those delicious breakfast sandwiches. Ignore your queasy stomach; what it really wants is the greasiest-most-carbtastic meal on the menu. Just trust me on this one, it really does work. 

Take you vitamins. 

After poisoning your body, it’s important to replenish your body’s nutrient stores. Vitamin B12 deficiency leads grogginess and exhaustion the following morning. Although a dedicated B12 vitamin is best, don’t hesitate to take a Flinstones multivitamin if it’s all you have on hand.

Eat burnt toast.


Disclaimer: None of the following tips have been scientifically proven. However, they are based on common sense.