This past New Year, the Official Facebook blog proclaimed they had surpassed 150 million useImage Courtesy: igatgetlifers. Twitter keeps quiet about how many users it has. There have been projections that put their user base at around four million people. At first glance, the idea of Twitter seems the same as the Facebook status feature. A diligent Twitter user would know, there is so much more in the nooks and crannies of this microblogging application than can be found just typing a status up in Facebook.

Companies all over the world are getting involved with Twitter. They hire people to promote their products and, provide product support through tweets and replies. Now this might seem like Twitter is putting ads up but it just posts unobtrusive messages from the companies you like. For instance, I’m following Brushfire Records. So whenever there is a new release off that label I’ll know.

A more newsworthy feature of Twitter is being able to respond to the news as it happens. Rick Sanchez, an anchor for CNN, posts the response to his tweets up on the weekend show he hosts. This is a great way to get your voice heard.

Using Twitter on your phone is an awesome way to keep connected. There are many applications in the iPhone/iPod Touch realm. For regular phones though, text your tweet in and follow only the tweets of the friends you want. This is the clincher. Who you follow via your phone can be different from the web. So, if a company posts a reply to some random person, you won’t be charged for the text.

Also, you shouldn’t have to have a Twitter and update your Facebook status. This is where the Twitter application comes in. There is an option to update your status by way of Twitter. You don’t even have to leave the site if you have the app because it shows the timeline.


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