Image Courtesy Instructables user noahwWhen arriving at school college students usually give frugality their best shot. Some of them fail miserably and trimuph. One of the biggest expenses going into college is making their dorm room look cool as well as comfortable.  When I was at orientation, the estimated cost spend on outfitting dorm rooms was around $1,200. Here are some simple dorm hacks that will add a personal touch to your room. Unfortunately, none of these will put sheets on your bed or defray the cost of a notebook. All the titles below are links to Instructables for your viewing an hacking pleasure.

Keyboard Thumbtacks

If you happen to have an old keyboard lying around your house, this is a great project to do before you ship out.  All they take is a little bit of drilling and hot glue. When you’re finished with these you could make naughty messages to your roomates (or not). This is a really cool minimalist way to use an old keyboard and possibly to remember your Windows days if you switched operating systems on your way to college.

CD Bookends

So, you’ve ripped all of your old CDs to your new computer, and you’ve paid all this money for textbooks.  How about some sweet ass bookends? All you need is some old CDs, a bow saw and a soldering iron.  This is another one that would be easily accomplished on a break when you are at home and need an excuse not to find a job. I imagine you could create some pretty interesting designs.

Aluminum Can Pen Holder

Soda and beer cans have brilliant, colors that can add flavor to your dorm room. For this hack all you’ll need is a knife, a used soda or beer can, and some poster puddy. The poster puddy is used to stabilize the can. This doesn’t have to be just a pencil holder. It can also be a toothbrush and razor holder too. Make sure to watch your  hands on the edges of the can, you can get cut really bad on the edges.

Floppy Disk Container

Here’s another great way to create something new and useful out of a dead and gone technology. Floppy disks have been out of use widely for almost ten years now.  What you can do is get some plastic connectors and raid the computer cabinet for the stack of old floppys.  After you’ve connected all of them and made a cube, it can be used to store post-its or as an alternative to the aluminum can pen holder mentioned above. You can also add a lid by following instructions here.

Have any of your own DIY style hacks you use in your office/dorm? Email me at [email protected] or comment below.