Qik.com, is a social media website which has recently exploded on to the scene with streamlined solution to sharing live video from your cell phone. Within seconds, live video of your friend shot-gunning a beer is viewable online, after the action is over the video is hosted at Qik.com. Qik even allows you to upload your completed recording straight to YouTube. Cool.

Here are the requirements for using the Qik service. Credit to Flickr user Steve Rhodes

  • A smartphone. Qik has native clients for most smartphones, here is the full list of supported phones. If you have an iPhone you will need to Jailbreak it first, since Qik is having a hard time getting their app through the Apple’s store. Qik is available in Cydia. 
  • A data plan. Sending live video over the internet will require a data plan with your wireless service provider. From experience, 3G is essential.
  • An account on Qik.com

Once you’re all set up it’s as simple as pressing play on your mobile phone. Qik offers some interesting interactivity with other social web sites including Twitter, Facebook, and as previously mentioned, YouTube. Personally, I use the Facebook client which puts a box in your profile and delivers live video to your Facebook profile. Twitter users have the option of sending out a link of their video via “Tweet” when they are streaming.

Have fun documenting your college days and share them with your friends, not family

Post your usernames in the comments. My stream can be found at www.qik.com/turcotte44