HackCollege live from CES. Tune in today for our live BIL coverage!Chris and I are down in Long Beach this weekend at the BIL Conference with Revision3. If you like or are familiar with TED, you alread know BIL. BIL is the cheap cousin that’s just as cool as TED.

Revision3 has decided to live stream all of the talks from revision3.com/bil/. If you’re free this Saturday tune in. We’ll be live all day from 10 pm PST to 6 pm PST. There are a lot of awesome speakers lined up today. Hit the chat room or tweet us up (@lesinski and @kellysutton) and let’s get some dialog going.

We’ll also be in Long Beach tomorrow from about the same times covering the second day of BIL. Should be sweet!

Tune in to Live Revision3 BIL Coverage